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Visioled LED display is our latest specialty products. 


They've fundamentally changed the stereotype image of LED displays.


They have set a milestone in the utilization and technological progress of flexible LED displays.


The density has been improved to 40000 pixels/sqm, so a display can produce even better resolution quality.


They can be conveniently folded and shaped into variety of large displays, which better accommodates the customers’ various design ideas.


The displays work at a refreshing frequency of more than 10000Hz, which is the reason of excellent picture quality and stable performance required in much professional utilization.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Innovation and flexibility.

Can made into irregular-shaped disolays such as cylinder, triangle and cone etc...

High Refresh Rate

Excellent picture quality and stable performance

with a refreshing frequency at 100000 Hz

Lightweight and Slim

Weight under 10kg/m2

and thinner than 11mm

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