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Professional Christmas Lighting out of our own Production

CORPOLED Illumination has a large experience of conceptual festive lighting for all occasions.


Our specially trained artisans dedicate themselves to creating the handcrafted motifs so that your festive lighting stay always exceptional.


We manufacture our carefully handcrafted products in Réunion Island (French oversea territory) which is the company’s central location for the production of high quality motifs.


Tailor Made

Nothing makes our skilled design team happier than to create an inspiring light installation that will enlighten your events.


You can always count on us to present a tailor-made lighting concept that is truly something to celebrate. 


And if it is a VERY special occasion that requires something quite extraordinary, we even call on the services of external artists and designers. 


CORPOLED Illumination is a competent and reliable partner with rich knowledge in its three main areas : 


- Leisure and Events

- Public Spaces

- Shopping Mall


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