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About Us

Created in 2007, CORPOLED Lighting Technology is a hi-tech company with an expertise in opto-electronics.


Our production unit is structured in 5 platforms equipped with pressurised body-casting aluminium tools, assembly line of electronic components, numerical control, a testing workshop and a laboratory for the certification of our products.


Our teams comprise of thermal, electrical and optical experts, with relevant experience in research and development.


Thanks to our ultramodern test labs and technological workshops, where we complete our projects and all kinds of tests, even for the most unexpected requests, we consciously try to find novel lighting solutions with low electric consumption for all types of lightings.


Our products are made under strict manufacturing conditions and are certified ISO-9001, conforming to the strictest international standards.


With a policy geared on quality, we make the most of the technical benefits of each manufacturer so as to better meet the expectations of our clients, whether in innovation or in lighting matters while respecting environmental norms.


Evidence of trustworthiness and long lasting capacity, our electronic components in chinaware equally conform to the European Directive 2002/95/EC restricting the usage of dangerous substances in electric equipment.


Our diffusers GHS® and GPOWER® which are made up of a patented alloy of metal are the best performing thermal diffusing system in the market, capable of combining high luminosity and life long time period while keeping the dimensioning of traditional lightings.


Our catalogue lists out more than 300 products and thanks to a price policy based on good price- money index, we are the preferred supplier of wholesalers who find a unique and reliable counterpart in our company for a wide variety of products.


With the recent launch of our LED lighting systems for public lighting, CORPOLED aims to become one of the LED lights leaders in the market.


Our Quality Commitment


Sale or offer LED lighting products is within the reach of everyone but to offer a quality product belongs to only few.


Here is our quality commitment in this competitive market:


Official LED


CORPOLED incorporates only diodes designed by leading companies like CREE, OSRAM, NICHIA, Philips, Brigdelux, Samsung and SEOUL semi-conductor, because they provide better lighting while respecting IEC/EN62471 safety norms concerning photo-biological systems of lamps and lighting systems.


The difference is in the Quality


The quality of the supply system of a LED light is very important because deterioration of the optocouplers and/or of the electrolyte capacitor can destroy the diodes.


Many manufacturers install in their lightings cheap supply components at the expense of quality and durability in time.


The quality of the supply system of a LED light is very important because deterioration of the opto-couplers and/or of the electrolyte capacitor can destroy the diodes.


CORPOLED incorporates into its products power supplies designed to optimize the required capacity, which generates optimum efficiency, a better management of the power factor and load as well as a very good line regulation.


Compliance with international norms


Our products are subjected to a rigorous manufacturing process, structured in 5 platforms equipped with aluminium body casting tools, assembly line of electronic components, build-up of the products, a testing workshop and a lab for certification of products equipped with the following tools:


Spectroradiometer – Spatial Distribution

Leak test cabin- Corrosion test cabin

Infrared Cabin - UV test cabin

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